Hairy Fairy

Amazon reviewer: ‘A beautifully illustrated and fun rhyming book about the virtues of being different, independent-minded and your own woman!’

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‘Fizzy is a funny fairy, the problem is… she’s rather hairy.’

Actually, being hairy is only one of Fizzy’s problems. She’s also messy, noisy, wilful and wild. She’s not at all like a fairy should be.

she can be scaryBut somehow, though Fizzy gets most things wrong, she seems to get the important things right: like looking after her friends, thinking for herself and standing up to bullies (even if they are only rabbits and bats).

shamefaced rabbitHairy Fairy is a fun book that says to young children it’s OK to be different.

A rhyming picture book for children from 3 to 8 years, with colourful pictures on every page. An engaging story to listen to at bedtime, or a good book for early readers. Paperback, 32 pages.

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