I’m almost ready to fly to Barnes (but in a green way!)

Flamingo shopping trolley. Check. Superhero cape and masks. Check. Wool, glue and felt tips. Check. Copies of The NiggleCheck.

Yes, it looks like I’m nearly ready to take part in the Barnes Children’s Literature Festival this weekend. I’ll be in the Bookshop Marquee at 10.30am, reading my book about being brave and resilience, The Niggle and helping children turn themselves into superheroes with the help of scissors, glue and some off-cuts of kite material, disposed of as part of a house move.

I  only mention the provenance of the materials I’m using in my craft activity because I am making a conscious effort in all my workshops now to use, as far as possible, only recycled or otherwise-destined-for-the-bin materials. In the past, I have been as guilty as anyone of buying those brightly coloured little packets of bits and bobs for crafts (and I still have industrial quantities of foam letters from Isabella, Rotten Speller workshops to prove it.) But I now believe, not only that it’s cheaper and greener to craft out of recycled and reused materials, it’s more creative and satisfying too.

If you’re in the Barnes area on Saturday, please come along for some story and gluing fun. My event is part of the Free Programme (more details here), so it won’t cost you a penny!

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