Peta’s fun stuff to do at home:

I’m going to miss doing my usual school visits and other events over the coming weeks and – potentially – months. So I thought I’d share some of the resources I’ve developed over the years, so that you can try them at home.

I’ll be sharing a few new activities too. Many of them will be based on my books, but others will just be ideas I want to share with you. I hope you find them fun to do with your family. And do, please, share any artwork or writing you create – I’d really love to see it!

You can email it to, post it on my Peta Rainford’s Facebook page @dogpigeon, or Tweet me @PetaRainford

1: Create a self portrait out of letters!

One of the most popular activities I have done is based on my book Isabella, Rotten Speller, which is set in a world where everything is made out of letters.

Can you create a self portrait made entirely of letters?

There’s a template to download here – but you can just as easily go DIY and start off with a large face-shaped letter, like a U or an O.

Once you’ve practised a few times, you might like to try these extra challenges:

  1. try to use as many different letters as possible
  2. try different ways to create the letters – for example cutting them out of magazines or painting rather than drawing
  3. try to include all the letters of your name, or other words, in the portrait
  4. create other pictures out of letters
Years 1 and 2 at St Helens Primary School did these fab self portraits back in 2015. Why don’t you have a go!

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