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4: Fun with anagrams!

Hello! I’ve got some wordy fun for your today. In my book, Isabella, Rotten Speller, the letters of the word rearrange get rearranged to make several new words – anagrams. Here is an anagram worksheet I’ve used with several schools over the years – why don’t you have a go?

There’s a printable version of the worksheet here.

Handy hit: if you’re finding this a bit tricky, write the letters on bits of paper or post-it notes, or use scrabble tiles, so you can physically move the letters around.

You might also like to try these extra challenges:

  • Can you make up some anagrams of your own? Start with three letter words; see if you can rearrange the letters to make new words. Then do the same with four letter words – or longer words if you like!
  • Choose a long word and see how many small words you can find inside it, words like: elephant, conversation, anagram – anything you like!

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