Peta’s fun things to do at home

9: Have fun with rhyming!

I’ve always loved rhyming! I remember writing silly poems and rhyming stories and plays when I was still at school. I like it when a rhyme takes a story or poem in an unexpected direction. My book Hairy Fairy was written in that way; the content of each section of the book is dictated by a word that rhymes with fairy, ie hairy, scary and wary.

A great way to get started with rhyming is to draw up a rhyming grid and go through the alphabet finding rhymes for your chosen word. Here’s a grid I’ve drawn up, with some words that have lots of rhymes:

There’s a printable version (with more space for writing!) here.

There are lots of extra challenges you can try once you’ve completed your grid (if you want to!)

  • spot the homophones! These are the words that sound the same, but have different spellings, eg: be and bee or see and sea.

  • use two of your rhyming words to write a rhyming couplet, eg:

The icy sea

Stings my knee.

  • If you are feeling confident, why not use more of the words to write a longer poem?

It was me

Who made the plea

For the bee

To leave the tree

And join us three

In time for tea.

It doesn’t matter how daft it is, just have fun!

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