Your chance to win a copy of my new book!

Click on the The Niggle Launch Competition for your chance to win one of ten signed copies of my new book, The Niggle.

The Niggle tells the story of Joe Jackson, a little boy who has never felt fear. Until the day a miniature monster swims in his ear! The monster is the Niggle, a tiny terror, who whispers worries in Joe’s head and makes him afraid. Will Joe Jackson let the Niggle win? Or will he learn to overcome his fears?

The Niggle, through humour and rhyme, tells children aged between five and eight that it’s OK to feel fear. In fact, you can’t be brave if you don’t! I hope it is a reassuring (though not too didactic) message for young children – as well as being a fun and exciting story!


3 thoughts on “Your chance to win a copy of my new book!

  1. Emma whilde

    wow my son would so love to win these books he is only 8 and loves reading the beatles and the yellow submarine


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