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Happy World Book Day!

Well, this is a bit different. It’s World Book Day and I’m at home. No school visits today. It’s the first time this has happened since I published my first book, Hairy Fairy, back in 2014.

All school visits are fun, but there’s something special about WBD!

I love my school visits on World Book Day; the children have that special level of excitement that only a day out of school uniform, combined with a ‘special visitor’ in the classroom, can create.

I know some authors will be doing ‘virtual’ author visits today. Personally, I haven’t been promoting virtual visits so far: partly because I figured that teachers had enough to contend with, juggling virtual and face-to-face teaching, without adding me to the mix; partly because of my own efforts at ‘homeschooling’.

Anyway, as from 8 March, I am more than happy to get back on the school visits horse. If you’re a headteacher, teacher or PTA member and are interested in arranging a virtual visit to your school, please click here for more information. In the meantime, I am very happy for you to share my recent sessions at the IW Story Festival with your class. I am also happy to answer any questions your class may have for me, and respond to any work inspired by my sessions. Please email me at petarainford@gmail.com.

Happy World Book Day!

From Source to See: this session explains the steps I went through to produce my next book; includes writing tips. You know your class best, but would probably suit year 4 up.
The Niggle: in this session, I read my rhyming picture book about anxiety and resilience and talk about the anxiety children may be feeling at the moment. I demonstrate how to make a ‘positivity cube’. best for years 1-4?